Russian Pandemic by the Housebaby, Creator

LOGGED IN: Found Russians had taken over the forum. They seemed to be selling prescription voltage regulators for unknown machines. Below is the real link they sent.

Стабилизаторы напряжения

The Housebaby replied: "I agree, this is the best website to buy regulators for unknown machines."


"It absolutely not agree with the previous message!"


католог старых игр --- Which translates to: "We need to katalog old games!!!"

Why do the Russians need to catalog old games? Perhaps to create a real astroid game with the AMERICANS.

Another curious post was made on Thanksgiving. Even stranger: the post has the word Insurance.. and this link: Insurance Why Russians? WHyyYyy. You would think it would be an insurance web site that they are selling, but no. Just the definition. More people posted the same link later on, they were debating the defition amongst themselves.

IF you ever see the Russians on the forums, you know where they've been. Russia.