Know What I mean by the Creator

Long ago in 2002, there was a great man named David. David had the simple dream of becoming the 7th grade class el' presidente. There was only one problem: David knew only how to say one saying.

Background: In 2002 I (the Creator) was in 8th grade, and everyone running for seventh and eighth grade had to broadcast their speech live throughout the school. Here is David's speech:

"Hello everyone. You know what I mean? I am running for class president in some grade. You know what I mean? I think I will be the best. You know what I mean? TVs on every desk! You know what I mean."

And this continued.

The part that is funny is that I travelled throughout the school asking EVERY person who they voted for: EVERYONE said David. Everyone.

I later found out he was not allowed to be class president because they felt he was unable to cope with it.
There was a conspiracy in the school. They picked the 2nd most voted for person. You know what I mean?