Centerville, OH - Doughnut Shops Review by the creator

Dunkin' Doughnuts - Spring Valley

This is the worst and most abysmal doughnut place in the world. My doughnut was actually hard and so stale it was literally inedible. I ordered the jelly-filled and threw it away after two bites.

Tim Hortons - rt. 725

There is nothing wrong with these doughnuts except for the fact you can tell the doughnuts were frozen. They just don't seem as fresh as doughnuts made from scratch.

Dan's Doughnuts: Fairborn

A hole-in-the-wall shop in Fairborn near Old Yellow Springs rd. MANY fille doughnuts flavors including lemon, blueberry, strawberry, etc. Only open in morning hours so get there early or all the delicious filled doughnuts will be gone!

Doughnut Haus, Springboro OH

My dad and I were driving and randomly said lets stop at the next doughnut shop, this was it. Arguably better than Bill's, the doughnuts are lighter and less acidic.


I have saved the best doughnut shop for last: Bill's Doughnuts are always fresh, made from scratch, and tastiest. I have only been disappointed 2 times out of the 100 times I've been there. Definitely a must visit.