Fat Facts by the Creator

Old History:: Click here

1. Fatsad was created on 07/31/2014 -- It was going to be called "Spaghetti Chronicles" but it was found that it was too hard to spell. Even Housebaby could not spell it on the first try! Hence it was changed to Fatsad.com, since we were both Fattened and Saddened due to the lack of spaghetti spelling.

2. Soon FatSad was thriving. We experienced an influx of users both Fat and Sad themselves looking for hope, they found only fatness. As of right now Fatsad has around 4500 visitors. Most of them us. Around 1/10 of those users have clicked Fat Taps, a strange counter that establishes how many Fat pictures you have seen. Here is a link: Fat Taps. The creator also added a feature called Fat Chat where you can chat with any username and color. Fat Chat - Click here

3. Originally Fatsad was owned by The Creator, however his "old hand" knowledge of web sites was often argued about. Such as the colors, logo colors, use of profanity and such. So the Creator sold it to Housebaby to make some quick cash and give him veto power. A lot of the features and graphics are polled from visitors of the site. Sometimes one comment about the site gets a key feature implemented on FS.

4. In November the first ever Fatsad shirts were released. They sold for about $15 and all but three shirts were sold out of 20. The Fat on the shirt was hand-made by Housebaby on Gimp editor.

5. The lamp treatment was a true story, sent to one of the Creators girlfriends. School stories was also real.

6. There was a challenge on the site that would award one authentic Fat Dollar for anyone who could find the hidden "Bleen." However nobody ever did! So you if you find it tell us!

7. People ran in twos and fours at the power of the naked man background image. Many farms were built during the time Fatsad.com was online.

8. After a day of browsing you may feel like a Chinese man on a $159 bicycle, or so they say. Godspeed.