Jokes by the Housebaby, creator, Red

Two drums and a cymbal fall of a cliff... badumdum tshh

studies have shown people with more birthdays live longer

A man asked a woman to marry him, she said no. They lived happily ever after.

A woman asked a man for a gift with diamonds in it. He bought her a deck of cards. They live happily ever after.

"story by: The Housebaby"
Two people, one sitting and the other looking under a sink. A leek bounces out of the sink. "We've sprang a leek!! Ahh! We've sprang a leek!" The plumber comes in "I can fix the leak" "The leek isn't broken... And that's the problem!" He looks at the leek on the floor "I was looking under the sink, and a leek sprung out" "we should call a botanist" the botanist comes in "first we should find where the leek came from" "the sink" "... Then there's nothing I can do"