Links by creator, the Housebaby

Stumble Upon
Stumble Upon is a neat site that allows you to see vast amounts of the internet based on selected subjects and a Thumbs Up Thumbs Down system that accurately predicts the next best site for you to see.

Windows version between 3.1 and 95. Really cool.

Something Awful
Our competitor but nonetheless a very funny comedy site. You must pay to use their forums however and that is supposedly where the magic happens.
A VERY funny comic site that is seen on Facebook at times. Some know about it some do not. It is usually very politically incorrect. Cancer, fat, pregnant... all the butt of their jokes.
Strange, clever, and scary. One of a kind web site.

Psychedelical colors for kids, a must visit!
A very clever "pointing" site, that locates your mouse with a picture when you hold still.
A puzzle clicking game that goes through an entire progression until you beat it and it reverts to the original shape.

Fat Lady Apples
WEIRD site about a woman who eats too many apples. Pretty fat and sad if you ask me.

Internet Archive: The Way Back Machine
Useful site that goes back to different updates of web sites back in time. Even includes sites that are shut down. Sometimes the pages are missing images, however.

Very funny site that has pages of funny pictures and memes.

4chan: random
The birthplace of many memes. 4chan is highly inappropriate however.

Font Bomb
Drag the red text up to your toolbar and watch things explode on web pages.