Funniest Memes by the creator, DjKillerPenguin

I would tell you some of my favorite memes, but spaghetti keeps falling out of my pockets.

Some common pranks are as follows:
Card Stand - "I'll be there in 15 minutes." -- The card stand prank was carried out in NYC where a Earthcam focused on a post card stand that many people knocked over live on camera.

Battle Toads -- Every few minutes people would call a game store in California and ask if they had the game Battle Toads for sale. It then escalated and they started calling Pawn Stars.
THIS IS WORTH A READ! Its Pawn Stars being pranked by the Battletoads prank.

HABBO HOTEL - This prank involved everyone dressing as a black person and forming swastikas everywhere.

Greentext stories are amazing as well, usually posted about real life events that are funny. Greentext.