Mexican reviews by the creator

Taco Hell

Taco Bell is the best for a simple reason: Tex-Mex quick. They may derive their meat from carpet, sandpaper, and parts of different animals yet unknown... But sometimes their food is just the best.

El Rancho Grande

The first impression given by this restaurant is unreal, we sang its praises for days after eating here, but for some reason never felt like going again.

El Toro

MY favorite Mexican place to drink at: today we went and it was 2 dollar beers! Food is pretty good too, like 75 out of 100.

La Piramides

Supposedly authentic: it might just be an excuse to sell bad food though. I haven spoken to real Mexican people and they swear this is still tex-mex food. Not my favorite.

La Pinata

Probably my favorite mexican restaurant, cheap margaritas and No Carding! My family used to dine here once a week for a very long time when I was young. Somewhat Authentic.


Basically a Mexican bar, fun to go to drink, food took hours to get there.