Pizza reviews by the creator

Cousin Vinny's

Relatively cheap and quite tasty. I recommend the Big Ten which is $12.99 and includes one large pizza, an order of breadsticks and two drinks. They are open the latest.

Flying Pizza

One of my favorite places because of the authenticity. It also lives up the name "Flying" because they toss the dough Mario-style. It was created right here in Dayton. The pizza is wide and "New York Style." Flying Pizza has an original taste as well and can be purchased by the site. No deliveries. :(

Little Caesar's

Best taste for lowest price. Large pizzas are only $5. It even tastes better than you would expect for the price.

Papa John's

I'm sure you know how Papa John's is. It's a good cheap franchise pizza that is similar to Pizza Hut and Dominos. My favorite dish is a large thin crust with nacho cheese dip to slather on the pizza.

LaRosa's - Alex Bell rd

This pizza is pretty good but I have found not everyone likes it. The sauce is sweet with a unique flavor. Also the cheese is really melty and resembles the pizza Michelangelo eats on Ninja Turtles.


A salty take on franchise pizza. Donatos is best served with thin crust and sausage.

Centerville Pizza - 48

I have saved the best for last! Not only is this pizza the best tasting but also a Centerville original.