Local Pools Review by the creator


This is a fun pool off Yankee that emphasizes good team work and celebrates its employees. Very cool vibes here, a great summer location. I was let in for free then shortly after kicked out for free.

Pleasant Hill

A more ritzy club feel than most pools, a great place to play volleyball and jump off the high dive. Was called a pussy here many times.

Four Seasons

A weird dirty pool amongst workout equipment and rapists. Just kidding but this pool has no social setting and is there purely for exercise.


Located in the middle of a corn field, this secret pool is fun if you like being made fun of.

Christopher Club

This one was located in a cement parking lot. Very unimpressed with this pool.

Black Oak Swim Club

As always, I have saved the best for last: Black Oak is paradise on water. They recently redid the entire pool as well. Many a bike have been ridden off the diving boards.