Centerville, OH - Restaurant Reviews by the creator

The Paragon

Most expensive and ritzy of the restaurants in Centerville. I once purchased a bone-in filet for 40 dollars! The service here is UNPARELLED: Everytime a desire or wish popped in my head the waitresses were there to give it to me. I asked for nothing and got everything.


Very tasty and authentic. Bread + Oil dip was phenomenal. I recommend the calamari appetizer.

J. Alexander's

Another expensive restaurant. Very high service turnover: they can never seem to keep the same servers. They expect too much of them. The food is very good, more of a contemporay steak house compared to the Paragon. Good food.


My favorite restaurant. No dish here is under par. Everything tastes good. Semi-Authentic Italian. Price is more modest than the previous restaurants.


My first time at Roosters was very recently. I got a tall beer and a caesar salad. It only cost me $6 for a whole meal! The atmosphere here was also better than most restaurants; I felt love there. Very good the salad was so good I couldn't think of anything else.


I was not very impressed by their food, but the quality of the service was very upper class. A good restaurant for a date.

Outback Steakhouse

A homely place to get a steak. I recommend the Bloomin' Onion.