Nose Collector's Club by the Housebaby

Sampson had a nose... and everyday he would put it in the freezer, and every night he would put it under his pillow. This had been the routine ever since he acquired the nose after having a vision back in 1993. Sampson's journey was to find the nose of his dreams, he travelled 4,000 miles across the U.S, gathering members into the soon to be "Nose Collector's Club" on his way.

The vision began one night while in Arizona, Sampson's van overheated during the day and began spewing coolant everywhere. He was 10 miles from the next town and the desert was a scorching 120 F and water was in short supply. Sampson's plan was to walk to the gas-station for coolant and spend the night to come back the next day, but two miles in, he was bit by a snake. As he collapsed he saw colours... the sky turned Blood red and the ground started spinning, he heard a faint drum coming from inside his soul becoming louder and louder... in poured the cosmic music which together mixed and swirled in his head... his eyes were pulsating and his hands were turning green. He saw a faint glow from a fire against the now dark crimson night sky. Towards the fire he saw a blonde girl on a cross laughing with the elf in a floppy top hat. All around them, rain started flowing out of the cracks in the dry mud and up into the sky. stars shot across the air as Sampson asked them where he was. The elf replied with a wink in his eye "closer to yourself than you'll ever be". suddenly, the earth shook and opened up creating a low noise that sounded like a roaring machine... Sampson fell to the ground next to the fire and the swirling became so intense he could not stand again... the fire seemed to suck Sampson in as it began to glow brighter... He was suddenly standing in a bright white light and an energy came to him transferred words without speaking... Sampson suddenly understood the universe as geometry... every atom was interwoven with one another and life in the same way. Sampson began to cry until he heard a voice tell him "...Collect...the nose..." and a different energy moved into him giving him an urge to find the nose.

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