The Spanish Road by the Housebaby

There I was, traveling at the speed of light down the spanish road. The world blurred acrossed my staring eyes As I passed through the desert space, I felt light on my feet as each step carried me what seemed like miles.

When I left they said "where are you going?" to which I replied "I don't know yet, but I'll find out when I get there. This was somewhere in Oklahoma, I departed with only the shirt on my back, the pants on my legs, and the shoes on my feet. I quietly walked down the busy city boulevard, the sky was grey and misty... rusty cars with silver rims passed me, I look into the window of an old hot-dog joint as I walk past, there were a couple of kats playing the piano and having a good time, with a hat full of nickels. After that was a business with the windows boarded up, and in front of me there was an old fire hydrant leaking rusty water out onto the pavement. "What a shame" I said out loud, just then one of the passing cars pulled up, and a man 5 miles tall got out of the car, he had on a leopard jacket and carried a cane with a gold ball at the top. He said in a sly voice "The name's slick" as he pulled the card out quick. I didn't know what to say but I didn't let that get in the way, I pocketed his card and he continued to walk next to me. Slick said with a lick "so brotha... whatcha doin' out here? where's your motha?" I said " I'm goin' on my way, but I cannot say I know which way it is." Slick said "oh I seee, well come along with me and I'll take you where you want to be" So I get in the back seat of slick's car, who got in real quick, but in the passenger side... the smoke in the car was too thick, and I couldn't see who was driving me. Slick said while looking only out the front window " So man, you've got quite a tan, I also noticed that cut on your hand, do you mind tellin' me, how that came to be?" I noticed the car speed up as we left the city and we were speeding at probably 100 MPH. "Well um, I dropped a pair of scissors" "I seee" said slick, "Well it does not pay to be carefree" and then slick started laughing hysterically. Suddenly I decided I wasn't going to wait this one out, I peeked out of the tinted windows and saw an abandoned gas-station coming up and realized the driver's seat wasn't secured in and pushed it all the way up with my feet. The mysterious invisible driver slammed on the brakes and I dashed out the door running to the gas-station and heard gunshots behind me, I turned the corner and hid behind the building. I could hear slick say "that was a trick" and slam the door of the dark purple Oldsmobile and they drove off.

I headed into the rusted out back door of the gas-station where I spent the night eating old leftover canned food. When the morning sun arose, I grabbed a small backpack full of canned food and a couple water bottles and started off down the road.