Computer Brain by the creator/housebaby

The traveler entered a realm filled with his most wildest dreams. A place where thoughts became reality.
He flew through a tunnel marked with his deepest thoughts. A mechanical and futuristic room with rustic black metal came into view. This was the super computer. This was the room where the brain resided. A black orb floated in the center, wispy and outlandish in appearance. This was his control room. Then suddenly he was transferred to another room. The old rickety room was full of sunburn green antiques.
"Hello" said a fat man. "I am Todd." I am currently residing in your computer. Corey had no idea who Todd was, or why he was living inside his brain."I control your computer brain." said Todd. Wow what can it do? Corey wondered. The brain was shown capable of numerous calculations, far exceeding expectations and having limitless bounds. "Show me women." He said and the brain complied. It took him to a locker room where a series of women came out. None were that pretty, but Corey was animaliscaly attracted to a peculiar women of about 22, blond and fat in appearance. The brain laughed at him. "I know you're are most attracted to this one." it said, sneering at the blond one. Corey replied embarrassed, but this was deepest thought. So there was no escaping the blond girl. Next he said he to Todd, "What about the spies?" Todd said "We're searching for them." The brain answered in its Female Technological Voice "We are currently searching for them." Now Corey's curiosity was piqued again, and he said "Computer, what do you run on?" And Todd replied "The computer runs on money." What? Corey was flustered "What do you mean money?" Todd pointed to a small box filled with green numbers. "Money" he said. Wow, the number was up to a million dollars. "And you're funding this all yourself?" "Yes" said Todd.
Surely we had to turn it off! Corey panicked. If he was spending a million dollars it clearly was not worth it. So he begged Todd to turn it off. And he did. But as soon as he turned it off, Todd stopped breathing. "Whats wrong !" Corey gasped. He thought quickly. Then he gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation. Todd was going to be alright, but the computer wasn't. It was turned off. The old fashioned room was now powered down. Boxes were strewn everywhere and the gentle hum of the brain computer's voice was stilled. Todd and him went to search for the spies without the help of the computer. Feeling bad, Corey suggested they transfer the usage of the computer's energy to Corey's account. And voilà, the lights came back on , and elegantly the computer began spitting information about the spies again. This cost Corey $112. "Dang I can barely afford this," Corey said, thinking of his bank account with only $1000 in it, most of which he would have liked to use to pay his family car payments and such.
Corey asked how many rooms are there? todd replied the rooms are infinite,rooms come in and out like thoughts....except this one. Corey asked were did the spies come from? todd said"the subconscious.". Todd then said... That room is hidden from the rest of the rooms. Ive tried to look for it once,but could not find any physical evidence. I know it exists because the computer gave me evidence. It said that the spies came from the subconscious and other random pieces of jumbled data flowed out at a steady rate. Who knows what else it could create. Ive been wondering why there were spies in the first place. Isnt the subconscious just a part of the brain? So why does it need spies? Usually id ask but thats a $16,000,000 dollar question.
As corey looked at a colorful gage sparkling blue green and orange an alarm went off, the gage started flashing red and steam came from some pipes! Todd ran over to a odd metal pole sticking out from the wall and pulled it out revealing a huge multi language keyboard grabbed a helmet and put it on his head and typed rapidly and eyes turned white with letters flashing across them then they turned red and he started shaking. Corey was freaking out and todd was screaming.
Todd was typing faster and his eyes turned white again and he took it off after two minutes. Todd said The spies have gotten clever by finding and hacking the emergency terminal, But I am very skilled with computers. we may have to find the sentry bot room as this room is reoccurring. They will be able to find all the hacked computers as they have the map of the hallways. Since those do not change. Said todd. Corey asked, there isnt a way out is there? Todd said, well... then one of the walls exploded and a red eyed bot came out of the smoke. A ninja looking man was on its back messing with the hardware. The bot went at high speed and smashed into todd and he fell and broke a pipe that let out a cloud of steam. Though todd was burned by the steam the robot malfunctioned and the spy screamed and fell down and was crushed by the bot. We pulled him out but his jaw was dislocated and he couldent talk not to mention his legs where broke so we lay him down. Out of the smoking hole came some more spies and they bowed and the mangled spy closed his eyes and his head started bleeding uncontrollably and he quietly passed away. Then the spies looked up with anger in there eyes rolled up there sleeve reveling a glowing blue Iso mark and they sank back into the smoke. Todd got back up and said, mmmmmmmmmshhhhh and his eyes showed a medic sign and his burned back and shirt were back in order. Todd grabbed the terminal and started typing away. He said they had a map from the bots and he said they are really going to do some damage unless we can stop them. Todd grabbed a phone and said code crap gugga ga ga ga ga gaaaaa I repeat code crap gugga ga ga ga ga gaaaaa and little men went into the smoke. He pulled out a screen and said this is what they see. Corey watched as the screen showed the robots entering the smoke. They went down a path lined with pipes then one of the robots screen tuned brightly colored and it spelled on the ¼ of the screen that was colored scanning. A foot print on one of the pipes was reveled thr robot looked up and saw a big hole so up it went flying with the well hidden jet pack jumpers. He went up but then stopped to see a vintage rare roboy that looked like the frisches boy.